Saturday, August 26, 2006

My One Week in Maui

I Just came back from a trip to the Island of Maui, Hawaii where I went with two of my friends Eric and Edgar for vacation. There were so many amazing places that the photos don't do it justice, but we took a few good ones here and there. These are only a few of them. We visited a lot of beaches, I got to go to a black sand beach, a red sand beach, a white sand beach, and a nudist beach! and that is only a fraction of everything we did, we went on a one hour hike to a hundred foot waterfall, we visited some caves where we got to swim in the dark. and all of this in less than a week. So... enjoy! I know I did. I'll be posting more photos in the next few days so check back.
This was the first day I was in Maui at Kahana Beach Park where there is a lot of windsurfing because of it's strong winds.
Sunset at Lahaina Beach, These panoramic shots were put together from five photos taken by Eric, it was his idea to do this.
Where's the Beer??

Before Happy Hour...Well into Happy Hour! can you tell the difference?

Sunset at the Sheraton.
Edgar, Shaun, Victor, Eric


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